Welcome to Year Two!

We are the Daring Dolphins!



 Year 2 is taught by Mrs Baker and her CSAs Mrs Roberts and Mrs Lusha...  

Important Information About Year Two!

  • Spellings are sent home every Monday - to be returned to school the following Monday.
  • Homework is sent on a Friday - to be returned the following Friday.
  • Our PE days are Wednesdays and Thursdays.
  • Children are invited to take books home from the class library to read for pleasure.
  • Projects are set every half term.


Autumn One

 Welcome back to Year Two after the Summer holidays! Mrs Baker and Mrs Roberts are very excited to meet all of our new children and are looking forward to getting to know everyone! In our first week back we will be taking it off timetable to concentrate on team work and finding out all about our rules and routines in Year 2!


Our first half term will concentrate on the topic - London's Burning! Much of our work will take on an enquiry approach as we travel back in time to visit the Great Fire of London! We will be researching and using different sources to find out exactly why the great fire of London was so great! At the same time we will be building on our bank of stories: reading, writing and retelling a range of stories from our own experiences!


Autumn One, Week One - This week we have been thinking all about team work and how we can work together to help each other! We decided on our class rules - to work hard, be polite, be honest, be respectful and be kind. It has been lots of fun getting to know our routines and finding out what life in Year 2 will be like!


Autumn One, Week Two - In our second week in Year Two we have been thinking all about fire safety...poor Mrs Lusha had a little fire in her kitchen and she didn't know what to do!! Luckily, Year Two were on hand to remind her to call 999, stop, drop and roll and check her smoke alarm!