Meet our extended family...

Jump Primary School is very proud of its extended links with the local community.

Our PTFA and School Council members work really hard to ensure we have a community to be proud of incorporating lots of exciting opportunities for members of Jump.

St Helen's Court Elsecar - Our choir regularly sing at St Helen's Court for the members of the community who live there. We also provide them with food from our Harvest Festivals or sometimes donate this to Barnsley Food Bank. The residents love to see us and always enjoy joining in with our songs! 


Hoyland Tesco - We love to visit Tesco to make bread or pizza. They also love to visit us on a regular basis to make Gingerbread Men, decorate Easter Eggs or make Kristingles. 


Frankie and Benny's - The class with the best attendance at the end of each year wins a trip to Frankie and Benney's! We love going here and each making a pizza - see if you can spot how many balloons your class has on our attendance tree in the hall!


Chickadees - In the past we have been lucky enough to nurture some chickadees for twenty one days. Our adopted family now live a beautiful life on a farm in Holmfirth.



Mr and Mrs Sykes - Mr and Mrs Sykes are very important members of the community and link us with the Chapel. They regularly take assemblies in school and have invited us to perform our Christmas Carol Concerts at the chapel. We really enjoy listening to their stories and singing songs with them.


PCSO Hamer - Our friendly local policeman! PCSO Hamer is a friendly face in the community. He runs question and answer sessions with each class and has been working hard with school council. We are currently trying to encourage people to park further away from the school gates to keep outside school nice and safe.


The South Area Tidy Team and Jump Environmental Group - Together, we are working to improve our school community and the surrounding areas. We meet on a regular basis to discuss the needs of our community and how we can make it a better place for all.


JRSOs - With the help of Laura Cornell, our Year 5 Junior Road Safety Officers meet on a regular basis and are working really hard to improve Road Safety in our community. They run assemblies, arrange Walk to School events and regularly update their notice board with posters, letters and pictures. With their help we have achieved the Modeshift Silver Award for sustainable travel.


Tracey - our School Nurse who works alongside both teachers, children and parents.


Sue - our smiling Dental Nurse. She talks to each class about the best ways to keep our teeth clean. Look out for her puppet dinosaur which helps her!

Barnsley Football Club - We are lucky that members of the club are joining us over playtimes and have created some really exciting games to keep us fit and healthy.


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We are also developing some positive links with both national and global dimensions:

Meet our sponsored children: 

Foromo Kpoghomou - Foromo is our sponsored child from Guinea. He is in good health and thanks us very much for choosing him to sponsor. He says "kapalouwou" to everyone, which means welcome!


Pawankumar Sangamlal - Pawankumar is our sponsored child from India. His mother has written us a beautiful letter, as he is still too young to write. Everyone is well at the moment and they are looking forward to our reply.