Mission Statement

At Jump Primary School we have worked hard to create a happy family atmosphere where children can feel welcome and secure.
Our Aims are:

1.  For each child to be helped to develop his/her intellectual powers as far as possible.

2.  For each child to develop: a sense of their own worth, self discipline, personal characteristics including honesty, fairness tolerance, perseverance.


3. For each child to develop socially so that they can live and work as part of the community  and   show respect for others' feelings, views, capabilities and property.


 4.  For each child to develop: their physical skills, an appreciation of a healthy life style, an enjoyment of leisure activities.


 5.  For the school to provide a stimulating, well ordered and caring environment which by example   encourages each child to care about the world we live in.

 6.  For the school and you, the parents, to work together to ensure the best for your         child/children.