Jump Primary School


Our aims are to keep fit and have fun whilst experiencing activities which can be pursued throughout life. Co-operating within a team and using team tactics are seen as vital skills. We encourage children to play by the rules and compete to win but accept losing graciously without getting too despondent and to appreciate the opponents abilities.

Children are taught a range of disciplines including Gymnastics, Movement & Dance, swimming in Years 3 and 4 and a variety of team games. Years 5 and 6 also spend 3 days at an Outdoor Education Centre. P.E. is compulsory for all children unless medically exempt. It has the same status as all other subjects by law. Should you wish your child to be excused on any occasion please send a note of explanation. P.E. should be done in bare feet unless the child is suffering from Athletes Foot when pumps may be worn. All jewellery should be removed before doing P.E. This is the L.A. policy.

The school hall is used for indoor P.E. and either the playground or the field are used for outdoor P.E. We regularly invite specialist sports men or women into school to enhance our P.E. curriculum.

P.E. Kit (Indoors) Boys & Girls Navy Shorts and White T-shirt

P.E. Kit (Outdoor) Boys & Girls Plain Navy Tracksuit White T-shirt Boots or Trainers


Intent, Implementation and Impact in PE

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Progression in PE