Introducing Our Staff

Jump Primary School is a mixed Junior and Infant School with an attached Nursery Unit. 

 At present there are 210 children on roll + 24 Nursery children.

The children are grouped by age, with classes arranged as below...


Our senior leadership team:

Head Teacher: Mrs Falconer

       Deputy Head Teacher: Mrs Baker       

 Assistant Head Teacher: Mr Schofield

Our teachers:

Year 6  - Mr Schofield - KS2 Leader

Year 5 - Mrs Jacques / Mr Birchall                

Year 4 - Mrs Chafen

Year 3 - Mr Parkes

Year 2 - Mrs Baker - KS1 Leader

Year 1 - Mrs Barker

Reception - Mrs Bradley

Nursery - Mrs Hartley


PPA Cover - Mrs Hodgkinson/Mrs Robinson

Business Manager - Mrs Beard

Clerical Assistants - Mrs Wilcock 

Parent Support Advisor - Mrs Saunders

SENDCO - Mrs Hodgkinson


Other Staff Members:

Caretaker / Cleaners - Ms Dunn, Mrs Fellows, Miss Blenkinsopp, Mrs Taylor, Mrs Hirst


Mrs Hockey (Year 5/6)

Mrs Meadows (Year 3/4)

Mrs Pettinger (Year 1)

Mrs Taylor (Nursery)

Miss Roberts (Reception)

Mrs Roberts (Year 2 am, KS2 pm)

Mrs Denton (Reception)

Mr Hopkinson (Year 1 am / Year 2 pm)


School Meals Supervisory Assistants:

Mrs Meadows

Mrs Hockey

Ms Dunn

Mrs Hirst

Mrs Pettinger

Mrs Taylor    

Miss Blenkinsopp   

Mrs Hanson

Miss Lait 

Miss Rowe

Mrs Fellows   

Mrs Parkin

Mr Hopkinson                              


Parent Helpers - Our PTFA meet on a regular basis - please request paper copies of minutes from the school office to see all of our parent helpers!

Catering Staff - Mrs Wigfield, Mrs Horsfield, Mrs Lait