Jump Primary School



Our aim is to develop children as neat, legible writers who value writing as an essential life skill and as a form of communication and expression of ideas, thoughts and feelings.


We emphasise that in order to communicate ideas, writing needs to be edited so it is easy to read, contains correct spellings, grammar and punctuation, and makes sense. Every opportunity is taken to develop writing skills for a range of purposes and a variety of audiences, both in literacy lessons and across the whole curriculum.

Every child from Year 1 to Year 6 has the opportunity to achieve a pen licence where they can move from writing in pencil to pen.


EYFS and Key Stage One

Through constant provision, writing begins at an early age with mark making opportunities in every area. Children are encouraged to develop their fine motor skills through the kineasthetic approach of Write Dance and their interests are constantly being addressed in order to improve the size, shape and orientation of letters and sounds.


We use a combination of strategies across EYFS and Key Stage One in order to develop writing. Through Talk for Writing and Big Write combined we have found that by the end of Year Two children are drafting, editing, proofreading and presenting a range of fiction and non-fiction texts.


Key Stage Two

During Key Stage Two, children at Jump Primary School develop their own style of writing for a range of purposes and audiences. Focusing on grammatical accuracy to develop syntax, children become increasingly confident in writing. They share their ideas with each other and present their work clearly and with structure.


We believe at Jump Primary School that the more you read - the better writer you will become and therefore, all of our classes enjoy developing a "magpie wall" throughout the year.


Intent, Implementation and Impact information for Writing

Progression in Writing

Progression of genres