Welcome to Jump Nursery!

Here at Jump Nursery we are "fantastic fledglings!"


The children in Nursery are taught by the Nursery Teacher Mrs Hartley and CSA Mr Hopkinson

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Applying For a Place For Your Child at Our Nursery

Please contact the school (01226 743041) to see if we have places available. 

Your child is eligible for a place at our Nursery from the term following their third birthday. You can apply for a place at our Nursery following their second birthday.

15 hour or 30 hour places are available. 

Click on the links below for the application forms (you will need to complete all of these.)


Application form for the council

Application form for school


We welcome prospective parents/carers and children to come and visit our Nursery (and the whole school if you would like to). Please contact us on 01226 743041 to arrange a visit.

During your visit the Nursery team will happily answer any questions you may have. It will provide an opportunity for you to find out more about; the provision, the structure of a Nursery session and the activities your child will take part in whilst attending our Nursery.

What takes place during a Nursery session?


We believe that outdoor learning is just as important as learning that takes place in the Nursery. For the majority of the session your child can choose whether to play and learn indoors or outdoors.

Take a look at photos of our provision below.

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During the session there are group times that cover Maths, Phonics, Personal, social and emotional development or have a Thematic focus. There are adult focused activities throughout the session and lots of opportunity for free play.


We are always busy having fun at Jump Nursery!


Ready, Steady, Play!- transition from home to Nursery


We believe that as Nursery is the first step in your child’s school education it is important for them to feel happy and settled as soon as possible. Our outstanding practice here at Jump Nursery as well as the Ready, Steady, Play! sessions prepares your child for the start of Nursery life.  

Ready, Steady Play! is a 4 week programme of transition from home to our Nursery. The sessions are 1 hour per week. Parents/carers stay and play with their children.

The aims of the programme are to:

  • Ease transition into Nursery through enabling your child to familiarise themselves with their new friends, Nursery staff and Nursery provision
  • Develop partnership working with parents/carers.
  • Enable parents/carers to see how their child can learn and develop through play based activities
  • Raise awareness of age-related expectations
  • Improve attainment on entry and beyond
  • Enable parents/carers to ask the Nursery staff any questions they may have.

Each week is carefully planned to enable parents/carers to work in partnership with their child and appreciate the outcome. The sessions focus on a creative aspect of learning.

Sessions may include:

  • Puppet Making.
  • Messy Play. 
  • Play dough making and Disco dough.
  • Junk modeling

Each session begins with an introduction to the activity and the learning potential, creative activity, snack and story or rhyme to finish.

A book is  kept each week for children where photographs and comments can be included. These can be used by parents/carers to enable conversations with their child about Nursery at home.

Parents/carers who have attended the sessions previously have found that these books have kept the excitement and desire to return to Nursery to play alive and children were eager to return the next week.

 They are also a keepsake of the beginning of your child's school career.

Each week parents/carers are given a resource pack to take home, which includes resources and ideas to continue the activity at home.

See below for testimonials from parents/carers who have attended Ready, Steady, Play! sessions.


Current letters and information are sent via email and are also on display on the Nursery noticeboard which is on the left as you enter Nursery.

What playing and learning has been happening in Nursery recently?

Spring 1 2022

Our topic is Transport/People who help us

You could support your child's learning at home by:

  • Encouraging them to sing transport themed songs and rhymes, e.g. the wheels on the bus. 
  • Talk about the different vehicles that they see around them, e.g. ambulances, police cars, buses, cars, helicopters, planes. Encourage them to make the sounds of the vehicles, e.g. nee-nor, brum, brum etc
  • Talk to your child about the different people who help us, e.g. police officers, nurses, lollipop men/women etc
  • Drawing vehicles with your child
  • Counting vehicles that you see. 

Spring 2 2022


Our topic is spring/new life/on the farm

You could support your child's learning at home by:

Singing Old Mac Donald had a farm. Talk about the animals on the farm and the sounds they make. 

Talk about changes in spring

Talk about farm animals and their babies. Draw an animal and their baby.

Watch Cbeebies "On the Farm" episodes to find out more about farms. 

Summer 1 2022

Our topic is Mini beasts

You could support your child's learning at home by:

Going on a mini beast hunt- talk about the mini beasts you find.

Drawing mini beasts- encourage you child to create a shape for the mini beast and then add details to their picture.

Reading rhyming stories and talking about the rhyming words

Thinking of words that begin with the same letter, e.g. Mummy, mouse, monkey, map.

Clapping and counting syllables in words.

Segmenting and blending sounds in words. E.g, c-a-t, cat.

Maths-comparing size, length, capacity and weight

Maths- 2D / 3D shape

Summer 2 2022

Our topic is the seaside/pirates

You could support your child's learning at home by:

  • Talking to your child about the seaside- what can we see there? What can we do there? What animals live at the seaside/in the sea?
  • Finding out about the RNLI and their role in saving lives at sea. RNLI - Royal National Lifeboat Institution - Saving Lives at Sea
  • Sing seaside themed songs together
  • Look at seaside themed non-fiction books together
  • Make sticky pictures using sand and shells
  • Helping your child to practise writing their letters with correct formation.
  • Sharing their lending library book with them (these will continue to be swopped on Monday’s by parents/carers)
  • Developing an awareness of rhyme by reading rhyming stories
  • Playing games to develop an awareness of alliteration
  • Singing number rhymes together
  • Counting objects carefully by pointing to each one.
  • Spotting shapes in the environment and talking about how many sides/corners they have.


The books we will be reading/enjoying this half term will include:

  • What the Ladybird Heard at the Seaside- by Julia Donaldson
  • Smiley Shark- by Ruth Galloway
  • Tickly Octopus-by Ruth Galloway
  • Barry the Fish with Fingers (and the Hairy Scary Monster version too)- by Sue Hendra
  • Pirates Love Underpants- by Claire Freedman


You may wish to also read other books about the seaside or pirates at home with your child.

We have had lots of fun playing and learning during Summer 2

Gallery - image 0
Gallery - image 1
Gallery - image 2
Gallery - image 3
Gallery - image 4
Gallery - image 5
Gallery - image 6
Gallery - image 7

Upcoming events...


Sports day- 6th July 10.30am. All children are welcome to attend. Parents/Carers are also welcome. 

Cleethorpes trip- 12th July. 

Kixx (football) takes place every Monday morning. Your child can come to Nursery in shorts/joggers/t-shirt/trainers.