Autumn 1 2019 Wk 5-8

Week beginning 21st October 2019

It's been a busy final week of the half term. 

All children took part in the Harvest Festival performances and they were fantastic! Well done everyone! Thank you to everyone who donated food for Barnsley Food Bank.The raffle raised £278 for school funds. Thank you for your generosity. 

Year 1 enjoyed their trip to the Tropical Butterfly House in Anston and the weather didn't spoil the fun they had. 







Year 4 were museum curators for a day this week and had some very special visitors from Reception. The children in Year 4 shared their extensive knowledge from their topic of Ancient Egypt and everyone enjoyed it! 








Please find the ESafety leaflet below which you may find useful. Please also look at our ESafety page which has more information about how to keep your child safe online. 

Click here to go to the ESafety page on the school website.

Year 2 children read with Year 6 children this week. They all enjoyed reading together - it was lovely to see! 










Year 5 have been proudly showing their projects in class linked to their topic of Earth, Sun and Moon. They have worked so hard on them and they are amazing! Huge congratulations Year 5! 



Members from the school football team represented the school at the Barnsley EFL Cup at Oakwell today. They did really well and although they ended up very wet (too wet for a group photo), they won four matches, drew one and lost one. They are through to the next round of the cup - well done everyone! 

Year 3 have been working hard to learn their times tables and division facts. Lots of children achieved a certificate today and so we thought it would be nice to show you how well they are doing. Keep it going Year 3! 

Science club continues to go from strength to strength and here are some photos from this week! 





Reception have been continuing their forest school work and have some lovely Autumnal photos to share! They even read out a beautiful poem they made up in Friday's assembly.  





Things to look out for next week...

We break up on today (Friday 25th October) and children return to school on Tuesday 5th November (Monday 4th November is an INSET day). 

A reminder that we have our special bonfire lunch menu on Tuesday 5th November. 

Week beginning 14th October 2019

We had a very exciting visitor in school on Monday. Jim 'Gump' visited the school and shared his love of running, swimming and cycling with the children. He showed them photos of the wildlife he had seen on his runs and the adventurous he had - especially when he ran across America! He really tried to enthuse the children with the benefits of exercise and getting into the outdoors. The children then enjoyed a run around the playground with Jim and then a great group photo! More information can be found about Jim at What a great start to the week! 






Some children from Year 4 represented the school at a local hockey event. They came second out of 8 teams - well done! They played really well and everyone really enjoyed it! Congratulations! 

Year 4 enjoyed a great trip to the Yorkshire Museum to learn more about the Ancient Egyptians this week. 









Science club ran another successful club this week. They looked at balloon rockets, rainbow sweets, self inflating gloves and Non-Newtonian slime! It was great fun! 

Year 5 enjoyed a visit to Kirk Balk to take part in a science lesson linked to their topic of the Earth, Sun and Moon. They also looked at forces linked to rockets - preparing for their next topic after half term. 

The local PCSO's visited school on Friday to talk to Year's 2-6 about firework safety. They talked about how to be safe on Fireworks night and also how to make sure we do the right thing on Trick or Treat night. Everyone listened really well and should know a lot from the assembly! 

Sadly, we said goodbye to Mrs Pereira from Nursery this week (Mrs Hartley returns next week from her maternity leave). We hope she enjoyed her time with us and thank her for everything she has done. This is what Nursery have been doing this half term...

Things to look out for next week...

We have our second parents evening on Monday (Year 2 have Monday and Tuesday).

We have our harvest performances next week. Please see the office for any last remaining spare tickets! Monday is non-uniform in exchange for a tin/packet to donate to Barnsley Food Bank. Thank you in advance for your support. 

Poppies (and other items) are on sale to raise funds for the Royal British Legion in preparation for Remembrance Day. Thank you for supporting this worthy cause! 

The football team are taking part in the EFL cup at Oakwell. 

Year 1 have a trip to the Tropical Butterfly House at Anston. 

We break up next Friday for October half term. 

Week beginning 7th October 2019

Year 5 enjoyed a trip to Elsecar Heritage Centre this week to prepare for a film making animation experience later in the year. 





Year 5 have also been busy investigating the phases of the moon using Oreo biscuits! Delicious...





Year 2 have also been busy with their RE work. They have made their own Torah, Yad and Ark! 



Year 2 then continued their hard work making their own Tudor houses. They are wonderful! 




Year 3 have been busy with their homework projects linked to The Romans. They have produced some great work so far - keep it going Year 3. 

Year 6 have also been busy with their homework projects linked to their topic of the Anglo Saxons Vs The Vikings. Even King Alfred the Great popped in! 



Year 6 enjoyed their science visit to Kirk Balk this week where they looked into evolution and they watched a dissection of a heart.




Unfortunately, the rain stopped the planned High 5 Netball event going ahead this week. 

Please see some information below which you may find useful. 

Things to look out for next week...

Children from Year 3 and Year 4 are representing the school at a hockey event at a local school. 

The first of our two parents evenings is on Monday. 

Year 5 have a visit to Kirk Balk for a science lesson. 

Year 4 are on a trip to the Yorkshire Museum. 

We have a special visitor in school on Monday - all will be revealed next week! 

Week beginning 30th September 2019

Huge congratulations to Mr Parkes who thanks to his hard work, has once again secured us the Gold award for PE. This is for the competitions, staff development and playground activities that take place as well as many other events that go on in school. Well done everyone!

There was no sporting event this week due to the heavy rain that we had earlier in the week - the football pitches were waterlogged. 

Congratulations to all the staff as we have been awarded the BeWell@Work award for small businesses for our commitment to staff well being. 

Thank you for all your work in bringing in the Aldi stickers. We have filled one poster and are now onto our second! Keep bringing them in please! Here is our first completed poster with a couple of boys who have been helping to stick all the stickers on! 

The Science Ambassadors in Year 5 have started a science club that they are running by themselves every Wednesday. Children from Year 3 to Year 6 can come and take part in exciting experiments! This week was the first one and below are some photos of the amazing things happening! 





Year 4 had a visit to Kirk Balk this week to take part in a science lesson in their labs. They had a great time and Year 5 and 6 will be going soon too! 





We have been asked to share the following event with you. As part of the South Area Council’s Healthy Holiday project, the Hoyland Milton and Rockingham Joint Ward Alliance are providing a free activity in partnership with Hoyland Library. A circus skills workshop will take place on Monday 28 October 2019 in Hoyland Library 10:30am to 11:30am. Booking is essential as places are limited. 


Things to look out for next week...

Harvest festival tickets go on sale on Monday. 

Parents evening slots for Reception to Year 6 are now available to book for Monday 14th and Monday 21st October. Please see your child's class teacher or call in at the school office. 

Nursery have their parents evening next week. 

Year 5 have a visit to Elsecar Heritage Centre. 

Children from Year 6 are representing the school at a High 5 netball event at a local school.