School Uniform

Available with our school logo from Vortex

Navy sweater/cardigan/sweatshirt 

White or pale blue shirt or polo shirt 

Black/grey trousers or skirt 

Plain black shoes (if black trainers need to be worn then there should be no colour or logos visible) 

Summer options: 

School uniform shorts 

Blue & white checked summer dress 


P.E. Kit (Indoors)
Plain black shorts
White T-shirt  

P.E. Kit (Outdoors)
Plain black tracksuit top and bottoms
White T-shirt
Boots or trainers 

There should be no logos on the PE uniform clothing. 

A reminder that in line with our school policy, the only jewellery that should be worn at school is small stud earrings (not hoops) and a watch. Please ensure no other jewellery is worn. Earrings cannot be removed by school staff so on PE days, they must be removed either before school or by the child themselves. If earrings cannot be removed, your child cannot do PE or represent the school at a sporting event.