Meet our Teachers


Ms Clark is our headteacher and enjoys reading and spinning in her spare time. When you visit her office, you will find a multitiude of fabulous books to read. She makes sure that - together; we are awesome!


Mrs Hartley teaches in our Nursery. She enjoys spending time with her family. She also enjoys art and singing and works very hard to make sure all of our nursery children have the best start to their school life. She leads our PSHE Curriculum in school and runs our Smart School Council.


Mrs Bradley is our very creative Reception teacher. She enjoys sport, art and also runs all of our Reading challenges in school. She is by far the most organised teacher of us all!


Miss Cooper works alongside Mrs Bradley and teaches Reception on a Thursday and a Friday. She really enjoys reading stories, forest school and sharing our Stars of the Week in Friday's special assemblies.


Miss Barker is the teacher in Year 1. She loves teaching in Phase 2 and looks forward to another year of learning and good fun! In her spare time she enjoys reading, running and the cinema. Her favourite subjects are History and Geography but you will also find her in charge of Early Reading.


Mrs Baker is our Year 2 teacher. She adores Italy and her two cats and is enjoying taking a break from Cheerleading in order to concentrate on our Facebook page and writing. Her favourite subject is English and she works alongside Miss Barker to make sure our reading community has lots of amazing books once our children have finished the Read, Write, Inc programme.


Mr Parkes is our Year 3 teacher. Mr Parkes loves singing, sports and teaching Year 3 how to play the Ukelele! He organises lots of sporting events for us and enjoys taking children to competitions. He has recently purchased PE Passport so that we can improve all of our skills.


Mrs Chafen is our Year 4 teacher.  She really enjoys teaching Art and DT and she makes sure that we have our very own personal sketchbooks that follow us through school. We love researching ideas and creating masterpieces by investigating a range of artists.


Mrs Jacques has worked here since 2000 and teaches in Year 5! She enjoys leading Science and taking children on residential visits! In her spare time she likes to take a relaxing swim at the gym or go for a long walk with her family.


Mrs Robinson also works alongside Mrs Jacques in Year 5 and really enjoys teaching reading and helping us to improve our singing in assemblies!


Mr Schofield is our Year 6 teacher and loves teaching Maths and PE. He is in charge of Mathematics and is working hard to make sure we all make progress! He tries hard to win the tidiest classroom award each week and is possibly the tidiest member of our staff!